Today is World Tuberculosis Day:-

Every year we commemorate world tuberculosis Day on 24 March. We have to aware from Tuberculosis disease which is so lethal. Tuberculosis is seen as a disease of the past, but after many attempts, the number of TB patients is increasing every year.The theme of this year is on  World TB Day 2018 – “Wanted: Leaders for a TB-free world”.


This is the reason that World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated on behalf of the World Health Organization WHO on March 24 every year in the whole world. Its purpose is to increase awareness of this disease. Tuberculosis is not incurable; however, if negligence happens in its treatment, it can also be proven deadly. Continuous efforts are being made to prevent TB from the Department of Health of the Central and State Governments. In government hospitals, TB free treatment is also done.Patients suffering from Tuberculosis According to health experts, most of the deaths worldwide after AIDS are due to TB. Pollution of cities is one of the most prominent reasons for TB growth. The pollution caused by dust-clay and construction work on the road is rapidly pushing people towards TB.

Goal Of Elimination TB by 2025 From India:-

The goal of elimination by 2025 The Central Government has set a target to completely eliminate Tuberculosis from the country by 2025. Under this, three phases of intensive TB discovery campaign in UttarPradesh have been completed in the last 6 months. 433 TB patients have been discovered in these three stages. These are the patients who did not know that they have become deadly disease like TB, which inadvertently caused these patients to spread Tuberculosis virus in their families and the surrounding area.

Tuberculosis Is Bacterial disease:-
Tuberculosis is a disease caused by bacteria, which spreads from one person to another through air. It usually begins with the lungs in the body. The most lung TB patients in the country are the most. Although patients of TB are found in various parts of the body such as Brain, Eaters, Mouth, Liver, Kidney, Throat, Bone etc. According to tuberculosis disease experts, TB bacteria spread through the air. During infection and sneezing, this infection occurs with fine drops from the mouth and nose. Apart from the lungs, there is no TB that can spread from one to the other.

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What is fatal?

A tuberculosis bacterium completely destroys the tissue of any part of the body and affects the function of that organ. Like the lungs in the lungs, the lungs gradually become useless, in the urus, the cause of infertility is in the bone, the bone flows, if the brain is in the patient then patients may have seizures, levers Tuberculosis begins to fill water in the stomach.

How To Recognize TB?
According to the part of the body that has TB, there is a test. For pulmonary tuberculosis, the patient’s mucus is examined which is free in government hospitals and dots center. If tuberculosis is not found in mucus, then AFB culture is examined. Its report comes in 6 weeks. In this investigation, it also comes to know which level is TB and whether the drug will affect or not. The government has fixed the limit of 2000 rupees for this test. There is a urine culture test for Kidney TB. The cervical swab is tested for the use of Eutrus TB.

How to Recover?

– Nutrition is particularly rich in protein diet (soybean, pulses, fish, egg, cheese etc.).
– Avoid visiting crowded places.
– Should not stay in low light and dirty places.
– TB should be kept at a distance of at least one meter from the patient.
– Such a patient should be wearing a mask.
– TB patients spit in one of the plastic bags and put phenyl and put them in well and put them in the dustbin.

High Risk In Children:-
If children become TB then it is very fatal. Therefore, the child gets vaccinated BCG as soon as the baby is born. If the child is TB, then TB can spread throughout the body. If the child’s brain is affected, then that condition is called menenitis.

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